First Two Graphic Novels for 2010

The first two titles in the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew graphic novel series published by Papercutz in 2010 are now available to pre-order: Nancy Drew: Girl Detective #20: High School Musical Mystery, scheduled for publication in January; and The Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers #20: Deadly Strategy, scheduled for publication in March.

HBUB 28: Galaxy X (2009)

hbub28Galaxy X Trilogy, Book One

By Franklin W. Dixon

Designed by Sammy Yuen Jr.

First Aladdin Paperbacks edition May 2009

ISBN: 978-1-4169-7801-5


ATAC briefing for agents Frank and Joe Hardy:

MISSION: To find out who is trying to sabotage the opening of the brand-new X Games theme park, Galaxy X.

LOCATION: Galaxy X, a new theme park in sunny California.

POTENTIAL VICTIMS: Music producer and Galaxy X owner Tyrone McKenzie and his family, as well as anyone who shows up to the GX premiere week.

SUSPECTS: There are protestors outside the gates, but are there people on the inside who have a motive to sabotage the opening?

This mission requires your immediate attention. This message will be erased in five seconds.

Link: The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers (2005-)

Coming Up Next: More Trilogies

The latest titles in the Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers series and the Nancy Drew: Girl Detective series have been released: Double Deception #27, the last book in the Double Danger trilogy (March 2009), and Identity Revealed #35, the last book in the Identity Mystery trilogy. What’s next for these two series? More trilogies!

The Hardy Boys are gearing up for the Galaxy X trilogy, which will include Galaxy X #28, X-plosion #29, and The X-Factor #30. After that, they are scheduled for the Killer Mystery Trilogy, which will take them into 2010: so far the first two titles, Killer Mission #31 and Private Killer #32, have been announced.

Meanwhile, Nancy Drew has two new trilogies ahead of her: the Model Mystery trilogy, including Model Crime #36, Model Menace #37, and Model Suspect #38, as well as the Eco Mystery trilogy, including Green-Eyed Monster #39, Green with Envy #40, and Seeing Green #41. The two series will cross over for Club Dread, currently scheduled for May 2009.