A New Little Cabin (2001)

Adapted from the Caroline Years Books by Maria D. Wilkes

Adaptation by Heather Henson

Illustrated by Doris Ettlinger

A Little House Chapter Book: Caroline #5

New York: HarperTrophy, 2001

Text adapted from Little Town at the Crossroads and Little Clearing in the Woods


Caroline Quiner and her family must move to a new log cabin in Concord, Wisconsin. Will Caroline like her new home as much as she liked her little house on Brookfield?

The Caroline Chapter Books are part of an ongoing series of Little House Chapter Books.


The Letter (1-11)

Making Plans (12-17)

Saying Good-bye (18-25)

Walking Trees (26-33)

Wolves (34-42)

Clearing in the Woods (43-52)

Beds and Braids (53-64)

Tricks (65-74)