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Launched in 2004, this website is designed to provide information and resources to scholars and readers interested in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books, enduring favourites of American children’s literature, and their derivatives. In addition to Wilder’s eight original novels published between 1932 and 1943, the “Little House” name and myth have extended to a number of rediscovered writings, spinoff series, abridgments, and biographies for both children and adults. Scholars who have taken up Wilder’s oeuvre have examined its proscriptions of gender, race, capitalism, and the American dream, as well as its crucial role in the colonial project of the nineteenth century; this scholarship can be found in major books and pamphlets, as well as a range of journal articles, book chapters, and shorter studies.

About the Site Owner

Benjamin Lefebvre teaches Contemporary Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University in Brantford, Ontario, and is a Research Associate at the Centre for Research in Young People’s Texts and Cultures. He has published widely in the areas of Canadian literature, children’s literature, cultural memory, and popular culture.