Little House on Rocky Ridge (1993)

Little House on Rocky RidgeBy Roger Lea MacBride

Illustrated by David Gillece

The Rocky Ridge Years (later The Rose Years)

New York: HarperTrophy, 1993 (abridged edition, without illustrations, 2007)

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Original 1993 edition

The journey continues. . . .

Once a long time ago a little girl named Laura Ingalls lived in the Big Woods of Wisconsin, in a little house made of logs. She grew up and wrote nine books about her childhood—the famous Little House stories. Laura had a daughter of her own named Rose, who grew up in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, also in a little house made of logs. Little House on Rocky Ridge is the beginning of Rose’s story, which starts where the book The First Four Years ends.

Laura, Almanzo, and Rose say good-bye to Ma and Pa Ingalls and Laura’s sisters. In a covered wagon containing all their possessions, they make their way across the drought-stricken Midwest to the lush green valleys of southern Missouri. The journey is long and not always easy. But there is so much to do and see as the landscape changes along the way.

The end of this journey marks a new beginning for the Wilder family: a new home and the promise of hard work, but also of wondrous discoveries and adventures to fill a childhood.

Little House on Rocky RidgeAbridged 2007 edition

It’s 1893 and Rose and her parents, Laura and Almanzo, are moving to Missouri, the land of the Big Red Apple! They say good-bye to Ma and Pa Ingalls and Laura’s sisters, and set off on an exciting journey.


Original 1993 edition

A Big Surprise (1-10)

Grandpa’s Fiddle (11-23)

The Indian Story (24-33)

Dust Storm (34-40)

Making Camp (41-52)

The Writing Case (53-59)

Covered Wagon Folks (60-70)

At the River Crossing (71-80)

The Big Muddy (81-89)

Mama’s Journal (90-95)

Going Swimming (96-104)

The Russians (105-120)

Kansas (121-133)

A Great City (134-148)

Journey’s End (149-155)

Friends Again (156-165)

The Little Dog (166-175)

A Little House (176-184)

Lost! (185-193)

A Wonderful Discovery (194-205)

Going Home (206-218)

Cleaning House (219-230)

Moving In (231-240)

Sleepless Night (241-247)

The Orchard (248-252)

A New Friend (253-260)

Waiting for Papa (261-271)

The Henhouse (272-280)

Mama’s Window (281-288)

A Walk in the Woods (289-296)

Rabbit Stew (297-306)

Stubborn Land (307-315)

Falling Behind (316-321)

Cave (322-328)

Barn Raising (329-340)

A Real Farm (341-349)

Author’s Note (350-353)