Little Town in the Ozarks (1996)

Little Town in the OzarksBy Roger Lea MacBride

Illustrated by David Gilleece

The Rocky Ridge Years (later The Rose Years)

New York: HarperTrophy, 1996

Preceding volume: On the Other Side of the Hill (1995)

Next volume: New Dawn on Rocky Ridge (1997)


Pioneer for a New Century

Meet Rose Wilder, Laura Ingalls Wilder’s daughter, and the last of the Little House girls.

Hard times at Rocky Ridge Farm force Rose and her family to move into the little town of Mansfield, and Rose wonders how she will ever survive. In town everything seems so different. Noisy trains race by at all hours, the streets are crowded with people, and the town folk seem so much fancier. Will Rose and her family learn to enjoy life far away from Rocky Ridge Farm?

Little Town in the Ozarks is the fifth book in The Rose Years, an ongoing series about another spirited girl from America’s most beloved pioneer family.


A Noisy, Crowded Place (1-12)

What Would People Think? (13-23)

Hoover’s Junk Pile (24-40)

The Eyes of Strangers (41-49)

The Arkansas Traveler (50-64)

Mrs. Rippee’s Library (65-80)

Gold Rush! (81-99)

Settling In (100-114)

Call Me Nate (115-130)

A Big Job (131-140)

The Debate (141-162)

Mr. Craig (163-176)

Boarders to Feed (177-184)

The Yarbwoman (185-201)

War! (202-211)

Season of Hope (212-223)

Changing Fast (224-237)

The American Empire (238-247)

A Dirty Trick (248-268)

End of an Era (269-279)

The Tramp (280-300)

Best of Friends (301-317)

Good to Be Alive (318-336)


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